Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I never really saw myself as being into politics and now that I am in a position to vote I want to be. I know that a lot of people go to the polls uneducated about the issues and I don’t want to be like that. I want to be a person who really knows what I want and who I want to vote for but as I get into it I am becoming unsure about everything. I know where the front runners say they stand on a lot of the major issues and how they say they plan to fix the nations problems. The problem is that I really don’t agree with just one. I like certain parts of one candidate’s take on the issues we face but I like another candidate for their take on other issues. I wish I could really just split all of the candidates and make one super one that was exactly what I wanted. Seeing as how that will never happen I am stuck trying to figure out which on I like. I think I have it pinned down but I am not going to let that out at this time. You can ask me and I will tell you but as far as opening myself up to online hate mail for supporting one candidate over another I don’t think I am into that. The other thing I have learned from this is that I really sway in-between what parties I get behind. I used to think of myself as a republican because that is what my parents are and that is what I was raised with. Now, I find myself liking some points on both sides of the line. I guess what I am saying is in my journey to educate myself I have only made myself more confused. At least on Election Day I will know why I chose my candidate and I urge all people who have not educated themselves to do so. Even if you don’t agree with my candidate at least you will know why you like yours.


pastorwick said...

I remember when the best thing I liked about a president was his dislike for broccoli.

Who knew there was so much more?

Ashley said...

I don't care who ya vote for as long as you vote for the person I like. haha j/k