Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I never really saw myself as being into politics and now that I am in a position to vote I want to be. I know that a lot of people go to the polls uneducated about the issues and I don’t want to be like that. I want to be a person who really knows what I want and who I want to vote for but as I get into it I am becoming unsure about everything. I know where the front runners say they stand on a lot of the major issues and how they say they plan to fix the nations problems. The problem is that I really don’t agree with just one. I like certain parts of one candidate’s take on the issues we face but I like another candidate for their take on other issues. I wish I could really just split all of the candidates and make one super one that was exactly what I wanted. Seeing as how that will never happen I am stuck trying to figure out which on I like. I think I have it pinned down but I am not going to let that out at this time. You can ask me and I will tell you but as far as opening myself up to online hate mail for supporting one candidate over another I don’t think I am into that. The other thing I have learned from this is that I really sway in-between what parties I get behind. I used to think of myself as a republican because that is what my parents are and that is what I was raised with. Now, I find myself liking some points on both sides of the line. I guess what I am saying is in my journey to educate myself I have only made myself more confused. At least on Election Day I will know why I chose my candidate and I urge all people who have not educated themselves to do so. Even if you don’t agree with my candidate at least you will know why you like yours.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Google Analytics (Continued)

I got the legacy code to work for google analytics and I am going to try to replace it with the new code today. I talked with one of my friends and he said i should wait a day or so for google to catch up and then i should start seeing results. So visit my blog so i can make sure it works....

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Google Analytics

So I tried using the Google analytics utility to track how many people came to my blog and i am having problems. I am using a template and i put it in right before the end body tag but i don't think it is counting people. I first tried using the new tag and now i am using the legacy tag hoping there is a bug with the new one. I guess only time will tell...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Dog

Ok, so someone (Ashley) is going to argue that she really isn’t my dog because she doesn’t live with me but she is. I think she is really cool. I know I don’t admit it sometimes but it always makes me happy when she picks me rather than anyone else in the room to cuddle up with. It is really cool to see how unconditionally she loves us. No matter how much I pick on her she still is so excited to see me when I walk in the door. I love being greeted by her when I get home from a long hard day from work. She runs to the door and wags her tail so hard she shakes all over until you pet her and she can give you kisses. I think that she takes after my girlfriend when it comes to her eating habits. Normally you think of dogs as willing to eat anything but maddie is the exception. She is a very picky eater. She doesn’t like steak, milk bones, cookies, most kinds of crackers, and sour skittles. She likes chicken, green beans, radishes, teriyaki beef jerky, and eggs. The jerky is probably her favorite which she goes crazy for. To sum it all up I think she is the best dog in the world.

Number 1

Ok, So I caved into peer pressure and finally got a blog. I feel a pressure in making my first blog post because if it is bad then it seems like my entire blog will suck. I decided with my first entry I would introduce myself. I am a 21 year old guy from the great city of Decatur, IL. Ok, so it is not really that great but we are mentioned in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off which came out in 1986 which is the year I was born so it all works out. I am dating Ashley and have been for 4 years now. She is great… She is a scrap booking, dog loving, all around great person. I work at the hospital here in town (not as a doctor or anything cool) in there IS department. I play a little bit of guitar and bass. Oh and I am also a huge computer geek. So there’s my first post. I know it is not grammatically correct and that I probably spelled some words wrong but I am sure you can deal with it. I hope you look foreword to reading some more about after reading this….