Saturday, February 2, 2008

1 year at work

I figured it was time to blog about the place that I work seeing that as of Feb. 5th I will have been there one year. I know one year at a job is not a huge accomplishment but it is a marker for me. In all of the jobs that I have had I have never reached this mark. I would be at a place for 6-8 months then I would go some where else. I guess this one year mark is a sigh that I am growing up and becoming a little more mature. However, it is very hard to feel grown up and mature in the place that I work. Yes, I do have a nice job and am involved in a lot of things but I feel like some of the people I work with still look at me like a little kid. I have many reasons for this but here are just a few. 1.) It is weird to work at a place where one of your co-workers has been at your baby shower 2.)It is hard to get taken seriously by people when I grew up playing with there kids. 3.) It is embarrassing for me to work with someone who has changed my diaper. That is just the tip of the iceberg. I mean I work with my mom and she is a talker so all of the little embarrassing stories you share at family reunions she has told to a lot of my co workers. Either way I love the place that I work even if all of my co workers know that until I was 6 I could say the name Doug so I call my uncle Doug uncle duck.


Ashley said...

You are so good. Now you just need to get me a good job and then we are set! YEAH one year! !

pastorwick said...

woot for DMH. Love it.